By chaining the votes and the tops as well as by obtaining trophies, you accumulate .
Here are all the steps you need to take to become legendary

Level 1

The mastery of the concept of TopList Battle is done little by little and it is beautiful to see!


Level 2

It's great to see you growing and making TopList Battle more and more your own.


Level 3

Clearly you are one of the TopList Battle bosses now and we are proud of you

2 000

Level 4

No more fun, now the owe you respect

5 000

Level 5

Reaching this level is a sign that you are fully committed to the concept

35 000

Level 6

Only the elite will reach this level - the hard core. The cream of the crop

100 000

Level 7

Majestic - Admirable - Precious - You have sanded the concept and you deserve all our respect!

450 000

Legendary Level

Is it even possible for a human to reach this level?