The beginning of the #FatherCastor story

It’s 2012, and the goal is simple: to be the band that makes the most buzz (🤢 I hate that word). At the time, I was a student, and there was a competition within the school that had us competing. If you’re wondering, we didn’t win that contest 💩 #EndOfSuspense. I know you’re disappointed, and maybe at this point, you’re wondering if it’s worth it to keep reading this story that starts with a loss. But then again, we’re talking about a project called TopList Battle, so it would be wrong to stop there, right?

Anyway – for this contest, we don’t really have a strong idea… not really an idea at all for that matter 😵💫
The ceremony is in 4 days, and we’ll have to present the Google Analytics stats in front of the whole amphitheater.
The pressure 📈 within the group. We wonder what could make the buzz (eagerly hoping that the story advances enough so that I don’t have to use this word anymore), and we end up saying to ourselves that if there is something that has cartooned crazy in a short time it is Facesmash 😳

If you don’t know, it’s basically a site developed by Zuckerberg where he put in competition – in the form of random duels – all the female students of his campus. On his site, you click on the prettiest girl in the duel, and then you go on like that forever. All the votes generate a general ranking, based on the ELO algorithm (this algo is serious because it is used to rank chess players, tennis players, and in many video games). Does Zuckerberg develop it in one night, and What Was the result? 🤯 Harvard’s servers fall down because there are too many people on his site. Later, he will create Facebook.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this spoils a bit of the movie The Social Network 🙊

A V1 slammed to the ground 🙃

So we started with this idea. But very quickly, we say to ourselves that if we already copied the concept, we have to bring originality, to be more subtle, cooler… and so we chose to make a tournament: “Which is your favorite actress 🔞?” At this point in the story, you are totally free to despise us all you want. Even I feel like hurting myself 🤕

Well, great, we’ll try to be the group that will have the most visitors with a site where you vote for your favorite porn actress 🤘 I launch into the development of the site with the challenge to do it faster than Mark, and I succeed – I code the site in 30 minutes 💥
Are you wondering how this is possible?
Choice n°1: I’m a better developer than the creator of Facebook.
Choice n°2: the code was free on the internet #copycut

Anyway, at this time, we put the site online and left some tweets. At the same time, we decide to make Tops on other subjects, like here with Rap 👉

A few days later, the results are in: 15,000 visitors in a few days and above all a retweet, well the retweet:

Katsuni thanks us. It’s enough to make the darling proud, but is there a way to make her safe with this project?

Dying 3 times💀💀💀

2012 – 2013: After this contest, we continue to create Tops on other subjects (favorite Youtubers, Rap contenders…), we choose TopList Battle as our end-of-year project but we eventually drop it and the project, dies the first time. Don’t ask me why it was so long ago 🥵

2014 – 2017 : I start a digital agency 👨💻 and get joined by 1️⃣ of the other 2️⃣ members of the group. His unique mission is to develop the V2. I don’t know if it’s better or not to say our first names, but when in doubt, he’s Jeremy and I’m Guillaume – delighted 🤝. During these 3 years, we made just about every mistake that can 🔫 a project and so unsurprisingly, TopList Battle was dead for the second time.

Hey, Guillaume, even if you had to write a novel, you wouldn’t list these famous mistakes 🤔
So with hindsight, I would say that the main concern was that we were always waiting to improve the site before communicating. As a result, since we can always do better and always do more – bah we had a hyper-developed site but with 0️⃣ users. So no user feedback and less and less motivation. In fact, we didn’t know who or what we were working for on this project.

2019: I make myself a promise 😶 I will focus on the agency and forget all these projects that have made me lose a lot of time, and quite a lot of money. This time TopList Battle is dead for good 🥺

To The Moon 🚀

It’s 2021, and it’s confining. I want to dev but client projects aren’t super exciting. 🤔 Here, if I try to redo the code of TopList Battle! The kiff and in addition, I arrive rather quickly to this V3, which is much cleaner 😎. By the way, if you’re into dissection and programming, you can snoop around here – you’re welcome to contribute code 🤗

I am convinced that this project has potential

The good resolutions: 👉 already, we will stop trying to make a site for the whole world – too bad for my auntie, who will wait before making a Top kittens again – Which is the cutest?
So we focus on subjects that we are passionate about above all 🥰
For the choice of features to develop in priority and the choice of Tops to create, we set up a Discord so that it comes from you. We are waiting for you there 🍻

If you’ve read everything this far, already respect 🙌 and I think we both agree that it’s high time to wrap this up.

In all this talk, I said at one point that the project was dead because we didn’t know who or what we were developing it for.
Now I’m sure the project has a future because I have the answer to both questions.
👉 For whom?
For you (😭 pfiou it’s too beautiful what I write). If it’s for you, we need to make sure you like it. So we are listening to you and incorporating your feedback. The result is that TopList Battle will develop in the right direction, as suggested by its members.

👉 For what?
To live an incredible experience 🧪. To start with a few lines of code while cross-legged on my couch 🧘♀️ (I’m a lyer – not flexible enough to cross my legs), then solicit my cousin to refine the #BacSMathSpé algo, my best buddy to create Tops… Today, we have about ten people working on the project, mainly for: design, development, and communication. We would love to see other winners join us to push the concept as far as possible.

What will be left in 1000 years?

As you may have understood (or not), we don’t know what TopList Battle will be in the next few years. We will develop the concept week after week with all those who appreciate the concept enough to want to participate or use it as ChoopChoop to rank WoW extensions on Youtube.